Pieces of the Puzzle


Home Destroyed

It began when three friends, Lance the warblade, Erowyn the druid, and Xaira the archivist, all set out to investigate the disappearance of two village children in the vicinity of an allegedly haunted house. As it turns out, the house was indeed occupied, with creatures ranging from mad goblins to rat swarms to ghouls. The children were found, but were horribly mutilated, the sight of which struck primal terror into the three adventurers. It appeared as though the mutilations were part of some religious or arcane ceremony, and a strange dagger was found next to one of the bodies, with a black and blood red blade. As the party was about to leave after finding the last child upstairs, they heard a blood-curdling scream from outside. Lance jumped out the window to see an ogre, flayed alive, on the ground.
The three companions quickly set out to return to Brush, their home village. As they drew closer, they began to see fires and as they got just on the edge of the hamlet and could see that it was utterly destroyed. A mass of goblins and an ogre swarmed from withing the burning town and towards the players. All of a sudden, there was a flash of fire in the middle of the ranks of the goblins when a lucara demon appeared, destroyed the goblins with a single word and then tore apart the ogre with her long, razor-like claws.
She apologized to the party for not coming sooner, and vowed to take a look at the house in the hills to see what magic dwelt there.
The party began to pick up the pieces, and found one of their friends still alive, a warlock who said he wanted to come with them on their adventures in the wide world.
The party would spend the night in the broken, burning city before heading out in the morning.



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