Pieces of the Puzzle

New Prospects

The second part of this grand adventure took you to the crossroads whereat the Jovial Juggler Inn sits, Restner Cemetery not far away. You spent the night in the temple at the cemetery before going to the inn to find Gaston Red, a man the demon Lily suggested you try to find. You met him at the inn, and he suggested to go to a visiting priest of Olaf to whet your teeth. The priest, Jespen Gifter, enlisted your help to hunt down heretics in the region, worshipers of Amon, a malevolent spirit, as well as bandits in the region. You met Krie Kofder, at Jespen’s suggestion, and received her help in hunting down the heretics, who had killed Krie’s friends. This segment of the adventure ended during the middle of a battle at one of the heretics’ camps. Most of the “Amonites” were slain, but two heavily armored men, one of which breathes fire, are still standing.



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